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Get actionable business intelligence

Get actionable business intelligence

Last month, we shared with you the value of switching from analogue to IP video surveillance solutions. We explained why, just because your system appears to be functioning satisfactorily, that doesn't mean it is working for you the way it could be. Surveillance systems are put in place to protect your business, but the value of IP technology is that it can also help you protect and grow your bottom line.

One of the biggest advancements we've had in the security industry over the last number of years is the brains behind the cameras, and we don't mean the smart people who manage the systems. We mean the smart solutions that are now built into your cameras in the form of analytic tools.

Smarter business through analytics

People don't naturally think about business intelligence when it comes to surveillance but as Axis continues to grow and to innovate, we seek out ways to make the most out of the systems that keep an eye on your property. When you add brains to interpret what the eyes are seeing, all of a sudden you can know more about what is going on in the surroundings you're monitoring.

This information is particularly valuable for the retail sector, where business intelligence gleaned from the analytics tools in cameras can tell you everything from the demographics of the people shopping to their wait time in line to purchase, and so much more.

In manufacturing, business intelligence can help keep staff safe and goods protected. From transportation to banking to health and everywhere in between, the information your cameras tell you can empower you to provide a better, smarter and safer environment.

Learn more about what you can learn

Rick Snook, Regional Sales Manager – End User at Axis, has seen firsthand, the value businesses get when they take advantage of the analytics solutions that IP cameras enable. In this second video in our three-part series on how to harness the power of IP video, Snook shares his insights on the many ways you can use your surveillance solutions to gain valuable business intelligence. He discusses the different types of platforms on which analytics can be acquired and the practical applications of these tools to various business segments.

There are many valuable reasons to make the shift from analogue to IP video surveillance, as we learned in the first video in this series. We know that IP video gives us better quality images, it's scalable and we know that the open architecture means that we don't have to replace everything at all once, if ever!

Look beyond the basic system benefits you can get out of IP surveillance. Look at the ability you have to get so much more out of your system by integrating the ever-growing list of analytics solutions that you can better your business.

Watch this latest video, and join us again next month for the final video in our series and learn about how and when to bring IT into your discussions surrounding the architecture of your surveillance solution.

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